Stay Sew Clean Policies

1. Stay Sew Clean is a quality Professional cleaning service that is fully insured and bonded.

2. Stay Sew Clean provides all equipment and supplies (unless otherwise stated in your contract).

3. Cleaning Technicians are employed by Stay Sew Clean, and we cover all payroll taxes and worker's compensation insurance. When required, our Cleaning Technicians arrive in uniform and ID badges for their identity and your protection.

4.  Our professionally trained Cleaning Technicians includes a Team Leader that supervises every task and ensures consistent quality. Our Cleaning Technicians endeavor to provide the cleaning services faithfully, diligently and in a timely manner. If additional services are requested at the time the Service is being performed, Clients must first notify Stay Sew Clean by phone. Stay Sew Clean may agree to provide the additional services in its absolute discretion.

5. It is our policy that our Cleaning Technicians do NOT smoke or eat in your home or workplace or surrounding property, nor in your vehicle.

6. Refunds: At Stay Sew Clean, we strive to provide quality cleaning services that exceed your expectations. We inspect and document our work before leaving your home or workplace. Occasionally and without intention, our crews may miss something. If after your inspection you find a missed opportunity of cleaning, please contact us within 24 hours so we can correct the issue the next day. Refunds are NOT offered; however, we are happy to correct a mistake we made. Requests received by our office after 24 hours will be incorporated into your next scheduled cleaning.

7.  Schedule Changes or Cancellations: We understand that there are changes in schedules in our busy lives. If a scheduled cleaning service must be changed or cancelled, we ask that our clients notify Stay Sew Clean two (2) days in advance. This gives us the opportunity to fill that spot and keep our employees working a full schedule. When a client cancels in less than a two (2) day notice, a fee of 50% of the charges for that service will be applied. For permanent cancellation of Stay Sew Clean services, we ask that the client notify us two (2) weeks in advance.

8. Temporary Suspension of Services: If you will be away from your home or your workplace and you have not given Stay Sew Clean access to the premises, we request that you schedule our cleaning services a few days BEFORE you leave or close. This is to ensure that your home or workplace has been serviced to maintain a quality level of cleanliness. 

9. Home or Workplace Accessibility: Please be certain that your home or workplace is accessible to our cleaning crew. Upon arrival at your home or workplace, if our cleaning crew is delayed from performing their duties (for any reason) there will be an additional fee of twenty-five percent (25%) assessed to your account. If you will not be at home or in the workplace when we arrive, please either deactivate your security system or provide us with a code for deactivation. 

If we are unable to access your home or workplace or if our crew is turned away when they arrive (for any reason), a fee of fifty percent (50%) will be applied for services that would have been performed.

10. OSHA: For their safety and to comply with Federal OSHA regulations, our Cleaning Technicians are prohibited from using ladders other than those provided by Stay Sew Clean and are instructed to wear shoes in your home. Thanx for your understanding.

11. Referrals: As a show of appreciation, clients will receive a $25 discount on their next cleaning service for referring each new customer to Stay Sew Clean. (One (1) discount per one (1) new referral.) This discount will be applied after the referred customer's first cleaning.

12. Initial Walk-Through: In order to give you a free Quote, we require a walk-through of your home, workplace or vehicle. During that walk-through, we will identify and document your cleaning needs and areas of concern. Afterwards we will evaluate and propose a few Package Options as part of your free Quote. (Any price quoted by Stay Sew Clean is an estimate only based on information provided by the Customer. Subject to this clause, Quotes are valid for a period of fourteen (14) days from the date on the Quote.)

Please note: Clients that will be receiving Vehicle Cleaning Services are required to sign the Stay Sew Clean, LLC Car Inspection & Waiver Form.

Once you choose a Package Option and agree to proceed, we will collect specifics from you in order to fill out and send you the Stay Sew Clean, LLC Cleaning Service Contract Agreement. When we receive your signature of approval, you become a client of Stay Sew Clean. 

13. Prior to the arrival of our Cleaning Technicians, please remove all items (includes any valuables or unnecessary equipment) that may delay the efficient cleaning of your home, workplace or vehicle. 

Our Cleaning Technicians will not move anything heavier than thirty-five (35) pounds. These types of activities have danger of back injury or could even damage your flooring. If you would like us to clean behind appliances (or items without wheels) like a refrigerator, oven, or sofa, please move the item prior to the cleaning to allow access to the desired area.  

14. Pests and Infestations: We cannot clean a home, office or vehicle with any kind of transferable pest infestation, including but not limited to fleas, bedbugs, and lice due to the risk to other clients and to our Cleaning Technicians. Please give us advance notice if you know about an infestation so that we can reschedule your cleaning once the infestation is resolved. If we arrive to clean and discover any signs of an infestation, we will need to leave immediately, and you will be charged the full amount of your cleaning.

15. Urine and Feces: We do not clean litter boxes or any urinated area. We do not vacuum up litter with our vacuums around litter boxes. If you have a handheld vacuum hung or placed near the litter box area, we will gladly use that to clean around a litter box for you. 

16. Stay Sew Clean is not responsible for damage due to faulty or improper installation of items or equipment. Stay Sew Clean documents our cleaning services which may be in the form of Before and After pictures of completed work.

17. Work Areas: For your safety and ours, we require all work areas to be kept clear while being serviced. This includes adults, children and pets.

The Client must allow reasonable accommodations in the work areas while our Cleaning Technicians are on-site: access to hot water, electricity, air conditioning in the summer months or temperatures exceeding seventy-five (75) degrees, heat in the winter months or temperatures below forty (40) degrees. Understanding OSHA laws for safe temperature settings must be adhered to in order to have Cleaning Technicians in your home or workplace.
Stay Sew Clean reserves the right not to be liable for Cleaning Services not completed due to the lack of reasonable accommodations in the home or workplace.

For our Vehicle Cleaning Services clients, Stay Sew Clean reserves the right to not be held liable for Cleaning Services not completed due to lack of favorable weather conditions. Cleaning services will resume as soon as weather conditions are favorable.

18. Payment: For our Residential clients, we require full payment upon completion of our service to your home. All outstanding balances must be paid prior to the next scheduled cleaning. If left unpaid before the next scheduled cleaning day, we will be unable to perform your scheduled cleaning.

For our Vehicle Cleaning Services clients, we require full payment upon completion of our service to your vehicle. Clients that sign a Monthly Maintenance Agreement must pay in full on the date specified per your contract. If left unpaid, suspension of services may apply. See description of Late Fees and Penalties in your contract.

For our Commercial clients, we require full payment on the date specified per your contract. All outstanding balances must be paid as specified in your contract. If left unpaid, suspension of services may apply. See description of Late Fees and Penalties in your contract.

19. Electronic Communication: The Customer agrees to Stay Sew Clean communicating with the Customer electronically and/or via other means in order to provide the Cleaning Services or for reasons related to the provision of the Cleaning Services.

The Customer acknowledges that any information provided by the Customer may be used by Stay Sew Clean for the purpose of Marketing (such as via social media) and providing the Cleaning Service. Stay Sew Clean agrees not to share any information provided by the Customer with any third party not directly involved in the provision of the Cleaning Services (unless required to do so by law).

20. Health Risks: If our Cleaning Technicians become ill (Covid, Flu, RSV etc.) or has a fever within twenty-four (24) hours of a workday, they will not enter your home or workplace. If you, the Client or a family member or coworker is ill, has a fever or flu-like symptoms, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible (if the ill person has to be in or near the work area) to reschedule the Cleaning Service.